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Kubeflow news

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Security breach

12 June 2020

Microsoft exposes attacks to Kubeflow deployments

Microsoft publishes report detailing series of attacks against clusters running Kubeflow with the purpose of mining cryptocurrencies. To ensure that you are on the safe side, follow the steps below:

1. When deploying Kubeflow, make sure that its dashboard isn’t exposed to the internet: check the type of the Istio ingress service by the following command and make sure that it is not a load balancer with a public IP:

kubectl get service istio-ingressgateway -n istio-system

2. Verify that the malicious container is not deployed in the cluster, through the following command:

kubectl get pods –all-namespaces -o jsonpath=”{.items[*].spec.containers[*].image}”  | grep -i ddsfdfsaadfs

Find out more about this news – ZDNet, threatpost

Amazon + Kubeflow

4 June 2020

SageMaker Embraces Kubeflow Pipelines

Amazon announced this week the possibility to configure Kubeflow Pipelines to run ML jobs with Amazon SageMaker.

This is yet another validation of Kubeflow as a widespread solution and reinforces the idea of ML workflows on Kubernetes. Read the post here.

Kubeflow 101

27 May 2020

Kubeflow in 3 minutes

Google launches Kubeflow 101, a series of short videos to demystify Kubeflow. Intro to Kubeflow. Watch an overview of Kubeflow in the first episode:

Intro to Kubeflow pipelines

In the second episode of Kubeflow 101, watch an introduction to Kubeflow pipelines, and the presentation of a new hosted version of Kubeflow

Weekend watch list

6 March 2020

CNCF introduction to Kubeflow

Arun Gupta, Senior Engineering Manager at Apple walks viewers through the benefits of Kubeflow and how to get started.

Securing Kubeflow

Talk by Barton Rhodes, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at DaVita Inc. This talk is motivated by Ian Coldwater during the Kubernetes Podcast ‘Attacking and Defending Kubernetes:

Containers are only as secure as their runtimes, and their orchestration frameworks, and their kernels, and their operating systems, and everything else”

Building and monitoring Kubeflow

Kirk Kaiser, APM at Datadog, talks about how to build and monitor Kubeflow machine learning Services with examples for an art project.

Kubeflow 1.0 is here!

2 March 2020

The wait is over, it’s official, Kubeflow 1.0 is here.

Many of you have been waiting for Kubeflow to reach 1.0 to suggest it to your managers, put it in production or use it more often in business critical applications. With Kubeflow reaching the 1.0 stage you can now do this with confidence and knowledge that Kubeflow is ‘here to stay’.

Read more from Thea Lamkin, Open Source Strategist for AI/ML at Google, talking about this release in her blog post.