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Kubeflow news

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Latest Kubeflow posts

26 January 2021

Scaling Keras on Kubernetes with Kubeflow

In this week’s blog post, Kirill Goltsman has deconstructed how to use Kubeflow, TFOperator, MPI Operator to train and deploy Keras models at scale.

Check out his blog post!

How Kubeflow & MLOps can help security

David Aronchick, co-founder of Kubeflow and head of OSS ML Strategy at Microsoft explains how you can use Kubeflow and MLOps to secure your AI/ML workloads.

Watch the video below:

Canonical Kubeflow Operators

5 November 2020

Canonical, the publisher of Ubuntu, announces Kubeflow operators and packages.

Within the last week, Canonical announced two new technologies that aim at improving the Kubeflow experience:

  1. Charmed Kubeflow – A set of Kubeflow charm operators, that leverage Juju OLM technology for lifecycle management of the applications inside Kubeflow. Read the announcement.
  2. Lightweight Kubeflow bundles – two new packages of pre-selected applications from the Kubeflow bundle to fit desktop (Kubeflow lite) and edge scenarios (Kubeflow edge). Read blog post.

Kubeflow 1.1 is out!

24 August 2020

New release, increased capabilities.

After 6 months since the release of 1.0, Kubeflow releases a new version with increased capabilities.

This new version has focused on improving ML Workflow Productivity, Isolation and Security, and GitOps. Here is a list of the enhanced features:

  1. Fairing and Kale (Kubeflow Automated pipeLines Engine) for end-to-end workflows.
  2. Katib hyperparameter tuning:
    1. New frameworks & algorithms (goptuna with CMA-ES, DARTS, chocolate, hyperopt, skopt).
    2. Flexible config & tuning options (new python SDK, experiments with undefined goal, new UI, new resume policy).
  3. Install and operations to support GitOps, using blueprints and kpt primitives.
  4. Isolation and security: multi-user Kubeflow pipelines, CVE scanning, and support for Google’s Private GKE and Anthos.
  5. MXNet and XGBoost distributed training operators, simplify training on multiple nodes, and speeds model creation.
  6. Seldon Core 1.1

What’s next:

  • Read the official release blog post here.
  • Suggest new features for version 1.2 on this thread!

Kubeflow latest events

17 July 2020

Kubeflow dojo by IBM

IBM organizes a 2-day Kubeflow dojo to get you up to speed on Kubeflow. If you did not have a chance to attend, check out the videos and slides here:

Kubeflow Dojo by IBM

Pipelines webinar by Canonical

Canonical hosts one webinar alongside blog series to demystify Kubeflow pipelines and help you convert your notebooks into pipelines:

Kubeflow pipelines webinar + demo + blog series.

Weekend watch list

25 June 2020

Kubeflow 101 – Hyperparameter tuning with Katib

The Kubeflow 101 series of short videos is a great way to quickly get up to speed on Kubeflow concepts. This week, Stephanie Wong guides us through Hyperparameters and how you can use Katib to achieve the

Kubeflow with Amazon Sagemaker

Shashank Prasanna, Senior Developer Advocate at AWS walks viewers on how to get the best out of Kubeflow and Amazon Sagemaker, in the same stack.